We are a locally sourced, globally inspired marketplace helping connect farmers with restaurants, entrepreneurs with retailers, ect. We are called “lokal DIRECT” as we believe the word “local” in todays culture has lost its meaning. We believe in redefining local so we’ve created “lokal” which refers to whats “Locally Caught, Grown, Made” in that region/community. We support the roots of every community & those looking to source from them. Helping open doors & grow business is what we do best & we only work with local farmers, fishermen, innovators (i.e inventors & entrepreneurs), pretty much anyone who would be considered a producer of the community.  The combined effort of these producers strengthens the community as a whole.

With us being the source for finding local the businesses we work with are given them a competitive edge against the large bloated corporations who focus solely on profitability without any care to the quality of the product or the community it’s made in.